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ARC Centres Report


ARC Centres are required to produce and submit to the ARC both an Annual Report and a Centre Outputs and Details of Income & Expenditure report (CODIE) by 31 March of the year immediately following the reporting year.

Centre Annual Report
The report must be published by the Centre to provide information on the Centre's operation and activities over the preceding calendar year. The report must include the content specified in the ARC Annual Report Instructions.

Centre Outputs and Detailed Income & Expenditure report (CODIE)

The CODIE is for ARC use only and is not published externally. The CODIE is divided into seven parts requiring input, each a separate worksheet within a single MS Excel workbook. The ARC provides a new CODIE template each year. The correct template for the specific reporting period must be used. Please read the guide and completed sample sheets before completing the blank pro forma sheets.

Submitting the Centre Annual Report and CODIE
The CODIE is to be emailed to the ARC by 31 March of the year following the reporting year. In addition, five (5) paper copies of the Annual Report and one (1) signed paper copy of the completed CODIE should be posted to:  

    Centres Coordinator
    Australian Research Council
    GPO Box 2702
    Canberra ACT 2601

A copy of the Annual Report (softcopy or web link) and CODIE (softcopy) should be provided to Post-Award (


The Annual Report and CODIE templates and instructions are available from the ARC web page.

The Centre Annual Report must include the content specified in the ARC Annual Report Instructions.


Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Medicine and Heath Sciences
Contact: Phyllis Heggie,, x4463

Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Contact: Ruolan Lan,, x1035

General Post-award Enquiries