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MQ Final Report


The purpose of the Final Report is to collect information about outcomes against objectives, the outputs of the research, and details of external funding relating to the project. Reports are assessed by the Research Office and the relevant Panel Chair. Failure to complete and submit reports may lead to grant holders being ineligible to apply for and receive further grants.

The lead Chief Investigator (CI) should refer to the Funding Rules for information on project reporting requirements. An email reminder will be sent to the CI approximately four weeks prior to the report due date.

Final Reports must be completed using the specified form. All reports require the signatures of the lead CI, the Head of Department, and the Faculty Research Manager.

The fully signed report (hardcopy or scanned PDF) should reach Post-Award ( by the due date stated in the Funding Rules. Depending on the scheme, the Final Report will be due between one and six-months after completion of the project. If there will be a delay in completing a report Post-Award should be advised.

Resources MQ Final Report form

Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Medicine and Heath Sciences
Contact: Phyllis Heggie,, x4463

Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Contact: Ruolan Lan,, x1035

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