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Transfer from MQ


As the Administering Institution, Macquarie University is responsible for submitting the transfer request to the funding body.

The lead Chief Investigator (CI) should notify Post-Award ( as soon as possible of their intent to transfer grant(s) to another institution. Commencing the process before leaving# Macquarie will assist in minimizing delays that can occur with cross-institutional transfers of funding.

Post-Award will require the following documentation:

  • Signed letter from the Lead CI including:

          o name, project title and ID number;
          o effective date of transfer;
          o reason for transfer;
          o impact on the project (any benefits should be highlighted).

  • Email/letter from all Chief Investigators/Partner Investigators/Partner Organisations (CEO or equivalent) agreeing to the transfer.

Once all documentation has been received, Post-Award staff will:
        * liaise with the receiving institution,
        * arrange for the Office of Financial Services to complete the transfer acquittal,
        * submit the transfer request to the funding body,
        * notify the CI and receiving institution of the outcome.

# Early notification also facilitates the identification and management of other grants issues such as nominating an alternative CI for grants remaining at Macquarie, the completion of grant reporting, and closure of project accounts.

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Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Medicine and Heath Sciences
Contact: Phyllis Heggie,, x4463

Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Contact: Ruolan Lan,, x1035

General Post-award Enquiries