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ARC Carry Forward and Progress Report


Macquarie University is required to provide an End of Year (EOY) financial report detailing the amount of unspent funds for each ARC grant as at 31 December. The EOY Report is prepared by Post-Award with input from the Office of Financial Services (OFS) and grant holders and is submitted to the ARC by 31 March.

Commencing in 2015 the ARC EOY Report must also include information regarding any significant issues affecting progress of a project. This replaces the Annual Progress/Exception Report form, which was previously completed by the grant lead Chief Investigator (CI).

Project Start and End Dates
The lead CI should confirm the project start date and provide a revised end date if project progress has been delayed.

Carry Forward of Unspent Funds
If a project has unspent funds to be carried forward from the past calendar year the lead CI must select one or more 'Unspent Reason' (see Resources below).

If the total unspent amount is greater than 75% of the annual budget or includes unspent portion from a previous carryover then 'Justification' of unspent amount must be provided by the lead CI, ie text limit 750 characters.

Project Progress Issues

The lead CI must advise whether there were any significant issues that affected the project during the past calendar year (Yes/No). If 'yes', then the lead CI must select one or more 'Project Issues' (see Resources below).

Submission of Details for EOY Report
The lead CI must provide the following details to Post-Award ( by 15 March:

- changes to project start/end dates (if applicable);

- unspent reason code(s) and justification (if applicable); and

- project progress issues (if applicable).

Post-Award staff will incorporate the details provided by OFS and the lead CI into the EOY Report and will submit the report to the ARC by the due date.

Notification of Outcome
The ARC takes several months to provide formal feedback on the EOY Report. Lead CIs should consider the report as approved unless advised to the contrary by the Post-Award.

Unspent Reasons


Project Issues


Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Contact: Phyllis Heggie,, x4463

Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Contact: Ruolan Lan,, x1035

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