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NHMRC Carry Forward Request


The procedure for carry forward of NHRMC grant funding is dependent on whether or not the grant is in the final year.

In other than the final year of the Grant

The NHMRC no longer requires CIA justification for carry forward of funds during the approved project term. The amount of unspent funding at the end of each calendar year is simply reported to NHMRC by the Office of Financial Services (OFS).

In the final year of the Grant
If it is anticipated that there will be unspent funds beyond the approved grant end date, the CIA must log into RGMS and submit an 'Extend Grant Duration' Variation Request prior to the end date of the grant. Late extension requests are unlikely to be approved by NHMRC.


NHMRC Financial Reporting and Carry Forward:

Access to RGMS:


Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Medicine and Heath Sciences
Contact: Phyllis Heggie,, x4463

Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Contact: Ruolan Lan,, x1035

General Post-award Enquiries